About the company

The insurance industry is one of the most promising financial industries in the Kingdom. SAMA has issued legal and regulatory regulations that govern the work of all other insurance companies and professions.

These regulations have shown all that relates to licensing insurance companies and other insurance professions and their methods of work and control by state institutions in order to proceed in this sector in terms of others ended, as this industry is one of the developed industries in the developed country and contributes an effective contribution to the overall economy of the state and in many One of the fields, starting with providing insurance protection for individuals, institutions, companies and others, and ending with many investments made by insurance companies in order to support their financial position, which will work to support many aspects of the country’s economies.

From here, Essdaar Company joined the Cooperative Insurance Agency to this sector and we became an authorized agent of an insurance company with a license from the Monetary Agency License No.: WLK / U / 58/20127

Essdaar Company for Cooperative Insurance Agency is a 100% Saudi company founded in 2012 with Commercial Register No. 1010335483 P.O. 286191 Riyadh It operates inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its approved offices and has always sought to achieve the best possible volume of sales on all insurance products and the company continues to make significant progress in implementing its strategy to achieve sustainable growth, focus on developing capabilities and improving its revenues and expanding its scope of work inside the Kingdom Saudi Arabia is looking forward to the future through Vision 2030 because we believe that the insurance sector has a positive impact on GDP in general.

Our vision aims to provide distinguished insurance services to the customer through our offices located in the city of Riyadh, which are five sales offices distributed as follows:

  • Sulaymaniyah Sales Office
  • Dabab Sales Office
  • Yasmine Sales Office
  • Diriyah Sales Office
  • Umm Al-Hamam Sales Office

Target sectors

Insurance products marketed by the company

The company operates in the insurance agent’s business in marketing the following insurance products:

  • Vehicle insurance (comprehensive – liability to others)
  • Health insurance
  •  Protection and savings insurance
  • Property / Fire Insurance
  • Engineering insurance

Accident and Liability Insurance*

The company continues to make significant progress in implementing its strategy to expand and diversify the sale of insurance and drive growth for its core business and address weaknesses.

In 2016, we achieved the highest ”A” rating as an insurance agency based on our business results from sales volume, document management and the professionalism of our employees.

Essdaar Cooperative Insurance Company has the experience, knowledge and successes in the Saudi insurance market that qualifies it to be among the competing agents that have not and will spare no effort in striving to be always at the forefront of the companies that work in the field of insurance and looking to more successes and attract the largest possible size from the market Saudi Insurance is, as planned, a pioneer company in its field, always committed to applying all applicable laws.

objective of the company

Practicing the activity of an accredited and registered insurance agent in Saudi Arabian monetart authority.

Continue to achieve the expected accomplishments and results and implement initiatives and programs that contribute to development and raise the level of production and overcome challenges for the insurance market in the Kingdom, through:

  • Continuing the strategy of selling insurance products and applying them to new products and the changes that occurred in them.
  • Commitment and application of amendments and standards to our new sales methods and laws as an agent.
  • Establish, study and program marketing plans on a quarterly basis.
  • Develop agency staff and employ new competencies and expertise.
  • Opening new branches or outlets.

Board of Directors

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